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Share Participation

Kan Kan Wealth is committed to its stated aim of empowering those who have empirically not been able to participate in economic value creation. To this end,  we have created a share programme to which individuals can subscribe and attain an ownership share in the underlying business and hence participate in its profits and growth.

Share participation comes in the form of subscribing to one or more of the  cumulative redeemable preference shares issued by Kan Kan Wealth. This entitles the holder of such shares to a quarterly dividend yielding an annual economic return significantly above the JSE’s All Share Index and any banking product.

Kan Kan Wealth’s share participation programme seeks to empower the disempowered. Our efforts to affect more people and more communities will increase in tandem with the continued profitability and growth of the business. The idea of increasing the economic participation and prospects of previously disenfranchised communities is central to our philosophy. It is an ideal which we will steadfastly pursue.

We encourage any individual interested in becoming a shareholder to get in contact with us.